The Need to Decompress


Sophia Garcia

Student listens to music to relax

Nour Karajeh, ENN Staff

Ranging from things like listening to music to going to the beach, most people have something they depend on to disconnect from stress. Stress tends to have a toll on a lot of people’s moods and surroundings. Due to that, it’s seen as ideal to have something to help one relax.

Stress can be caused by a variety of different things in a person’s surroundings. How they decide to cope with it is different from most people, it could range from things like cleaning or drawing. Having something to help you cope with the stress is seen as therapeutic and helpful towards one’s personality. Sophomore, Bhavya Gireesh, depends on food to relieve her stress.

“When I finally decide to disconnect from my stress, I usually turn to food. It could be late at night and I’d be stressed about homework then all of a sudden, I’ll be in the kitchen cooking a whole meal. I tend to stress eat,” stated Gireesh.

Along with stress, people experience a variety of emotions that tend to be hard to deal with. To most people, it’s good to have something with someone that they can express those emotions to. Coping with emotions at a young age tends to be difficult for most people due to the inability to trust someone enough to talk to them about it. Freshman, Marwan Saed, prefers to deal with his emotions on his own.

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell people how I am feeling at that moment. I don’t really have anyone to talk to about my problems with. When I disconnect, I make sure that all those emotions that I’ve kept in have disappeared,” stated Saed.

When dealing with such emotions, there are also ways that are seen as a bad habit. The bad habits could lead to things such as becoming behind on school work or deciding to not do anything at all. Sophomore, Victoria Estrada, understands that her way to disconnect is seen as bad but she prefers it.

“When I feel stressed, angry, or sad I usually turn to sleep to relax myself. I guess that it could be considered a bad habit especially since it’d be quite often. The thing is that it really does help me with coping with my emotions,” stated Estrada.

Reasons why people wind up stressed tend to vary. Stress factors may include school work or personal relationships. A person’s surroundings tend to influence the mood of the person, whether it be happiness, anger, or sadness. Sophomore, Safaa Elhashash, is stressed because of due dates.

“I’m usually stressed due to being rushed, whether it be in school, work, or at home. To cope with it, I usually take a minute to calm down and stretch. For the most part, they work for me and help me disconnect a lot,” stated Elhashash.

Dealing with stress or emotions all together can create a major toll on a person’s behavior. That’s why it is seen as ideal to have something to depend on that will help a person tolerate and deal with it better. To a lot of people, constant stress would lead to an overload of sadness or anger. When feeling overwhelmed by an influx of emotions, it’s important that one be able to decompress and relax.