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From Spain to Mansfield

From Spain to Mansfield
May 8, 2018

The first day of school can often be hectic. A new school year, despite representing new beginnings, can also present new challenges to overcome. For many students it is just another new grade but for...

An Academic and Athletic All-Star

An Academic and Athletic All-Star
March 29, 2018

While the term student-athlete may describe many students within Lake Ridge, sophomore, Aaron Libed takes this title to a new level. Being at top of his class and a state-qualifying swimmer, Libed represents...

Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Covington

Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Covington
March 28, 2018

Teachers and staff members both nominate and vote for Teacher of the Year. Winners may not get a giant golden trophy, but they get something even better, notoriety and respect from their co-workers and...

A Star at Lake Ridge

A Star at Lake Ridge
March 8, 2018

Junior, Madison Laue poises herself in front of the hockey net, glaring down the opposing team's player. She watches the finite muscle movements of the rival player, and prepares herself. The puck flies...

Melanie Perez: Ahead with Passion

Melanie Perez (third from left) poses with friends for homecoming
February 21, 2018

Going above and beyond in extracurricular activities is one thing, yet being able to do that and graduate at the age of 16 sets Melanie Perez apart from the rest of her class. As a sophomore involved in...

An Educator on Two Fronts

Coach Peralta staring out the window of his third-story classroom.
February 8, 2018

Christopher Peralta stands in front of his class, simply gazing around the room. His eyes meet several students, those of which he'll be seeing after school. However, these students aren't in trouble....

Chase Berry | A Friend to Everyone

Chase Berry | A Friend to Everyone
January 30, 2018

He’s a beam of bright light and positivity at Lake Ridge and involved in just about every club at the school. Senior, Chase Berry treats every person like a best friend and has a coveted passion for...

Through the Eyes of Another

Marlene, Arlette, and Sylvain Muteba in AP Environmental Science with Mrs. Lamkin
January 29, 2018

There are over 100 languages, not including English, that cross the lips of students in Mansfield Independent School District every day. Students can walk down the halls and hear languages such as Spanish,...

Faculty’s Favorite Gifts

Faculty's Favorite Gifts
December 14, 2017

It’s usually the gifts we receive as a child that we remember the most. The gifts that we opened Christmas morning and can’t help but play with for the rest of the day. Out of all the gifts we’ve...

Private vs Public School: One Student’s Thoughts

Private vs Public School: One Student's Thoughts
December 6, 2017

Before high school everyone goes through middle or junior high. I went to a small school that included both. The school was a private catholic school called St. Joseph. When I say small I mean so small...

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