Opinion: Have We Forgotten The True Meaning of Christmas?


Credit: Annie Spratt via Unsplash.com

Micah Tolton, ENN Staff

Every Wednesday my church holds a youth group gathering, where we talk about our faith and answer hard­hitting questions such as, “If you have more wants in your life than the next person, does that consider you more blessed than them?”

These are the type of questions that always really make me think about my life choices and how what I do and say affect others more than I can imagine. This past Wednesday, we covered the topic of Christmas, talked about the true meaning of it, and how we interpret it today. When most of us think of Christmas we automatically think of Santa Claus, reindeers, and gifts, but when was the last time we really appreciate the t​rue m​eaning of Christmas?

When it comes down the universal basis of the meaning; it’s all giving. During this time we appreciate each other’s company and present each other with gifts. We really get to think about how grateful we are for the people that surround us everyday and we also get the opportunity to give to the people who don’t have as much as us.

So remember that Christmas isn’t just about receiving gift from a jolly man in a red suit, it’s about being grateful for what we have and giving to those in need.