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These are the shapes and symbols Squid Game used to invite player to play in the games.

Squid Game: Orgin and Opinions

Zayd Allan, ENN Staff October 25, 2021

Netflix is known for having many shows to become popular, another one of these shows can be, Squid Game. This show was recently released on the popular streaming platform and it has already been eye captivating...

Photo Credit: Hannah Brock

Winners Are Not Losers

Mack Torres, ENN Staff November 28, 2018

You don't want to be a quitter, they never make it. A quote many parents have uttered to their kids. Though it is questionable if quitting can make you a loser. Steve Jobs dropped out of college, it was...

Beto ORourke on the campaign trail.

Opinion: Vote Beto!

Margo Eugenio, Editor-In-Chief November 6, 2018

As United States citizens it is our duty to vote, our responsibility to decide our future, it is an obligation to determine who will best listen to our voices and decide to act in our favor, not for the...

Ted Cruz on the campaign trail.

Opinion: Vote Cruz!

Ethan Vu, ENN Staff November 6, 2018

Republican Ted Cruz once stated, “The power of the American people, when we rise up and stand for liberty, knows no bounds.” On November 6, 2018 voters will have two choices whether to vote the moving...

Wait to Date?

Wait to Date?

Livy Thompson, Editor in Chief March 28, 2018

A young boy, 13 years old, poses the question: 'Will you be my girlfriend?' He receives an exhilarated 'yes' from from a girl of the same age. Was she wrong for accepting, or was the boy brave for asking?...

Juniors Jacquelyn Evans and Madison Turman finish work before Thanksgiving Break.

Opinion: Teachers Should NOT Assign HW Over Break

Osaivbie Uhunmwuangho, ENN Staff November 15, 2017

Students and teachers are given holiday breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break. It is a time to relax and avoid anything that has to do with school. However, that does not always happen....

Credit: Tumblr

13 Reasons Why: Review and Suicide Awareness/Prevention

Micah Tolton, ENN Staff April 7, 2017

* WARNING: THE FOLLOWING STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS. READ AT OWN RISK. * "Hey it's me, Hannah— Hannah Baker." Ah, another book getting created into a film. Cue the array of die-hard fans who scream from...

Foreign Language, Bueno o Malo?

Foreign Language, Bueno o Malo?

Chace Moncrief, ENN Special Contributor December 5, 2016

Lake Ridge Students must take two years of a foreign language to have the credits needed to graduate. Students are offered a variety of foreign language classes including Spanish, French, Latin, German,...

Holding on to your Heritage

Holding on to your Heritage

Marjorie Lim, ENN Special Contributer December 5, 2016

Imagine being able to go back and forth between English and another language with ease.  Countries like France require their students to begin learning English in the first grade, due to the advantages...

Courtesy of TheWrap.com

Opinion: Donald Trump for president

John Beaman, ENN Staff November 7, 2016

In my opinion, Republican candidate Donald Trump is the best candidate for the 2016 presidential election. He's a businessman, with many years of success, not a politician. He is a hard worker who has...

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