Lake Ridge Celebrates with Pi

LR Celebrates Pi Day March 11th

Photo Courtesy of Capital OTC

LR Celebrates Pi Day March 11th

It’s official, the first annual Pi Day is this Friday, March 11. No this isn’t the celebration of pie, even though that would be great. This is the celebration of the Greek letter Pi, which is what we use in mathematics for circles and spheres.

There is going to be activities for students such as memorizing the digits of Pi, a poster contest themed around Pi, and there will also be Piku which is haiku poetry about Pi.

“The math department doesn’t get to do anything fun, and we kind of get a bad rep because of that, so we’re gonna do something fun,” Mr. Edwards, Pi Day Organizer, said.

So if you love math and Picome on down during your math period on March 11 to the library, where you could actually have fun doing math.