Freshman P.O.V.


Brianna Vilatoro

Clayton Redmon (Left), D.J. Banks (center), Braylon Morris (right)

The first days of school can be a terrifying thing for a freshman. Are you going to get lost finding your classes, bump into a senior in the halls, or even forget you locker combination?

Freshman, D.J. Banks, relates to these nerve wracking situations, but says by the end of the first week of school he was adjusting well. “I got lost a couple times, the school is pretty big. But by the first week I found out where my classes were,” Banks said.

Fellow Freshman, Clayton Redmon, has already noticed a difference in the work load between middle school and high school. “I think the work is easier because the teachers teach more in detail and that helps the students understand things more,” Redmon explained. “Last year in 8th grade we were on top over everybody, now as freshmen we have to get used to being on the bottom.”

Freshman, Breylon Morris, is looking forward to a little more of the freedoms high school has to offer over middle school. “There’s not teachers on your back as much as they are in middle school. They are much more relaxed with you.” Morris said.

Although most freshmen will have some adjusting to do these first few weeks of school, Banks thinks his freshman class will survive together. “We’re going to come together as a class and look out for each other. It’s going to be a fun year,” Banks added.