Key Club Gives Back

Key Club members at the "Keep Gp's Beautiful Trash and Treasure Hunt" event
Megan Phan
Key Club members at the “Keep Gp’s Beautiful Trash and Treasure Hunt” event

Key Club is an international volunteer organization that provides members an opportunity to provide service to their community while developing character. From donating blankets to people in need or reading to people in nursing homes, they are always trying to help out as much as possible.

Some people join Key Club because they need volunteering hours, but other people participate in Key Club because they see how helping the community matters. “I joined Key Club because I wanted to be in more clubs, but I also feel really good helping out people who really need it,” said Lichell McCullar, junior.

The Lake Ridge chapter of Key Club International plans on doing even bigger and better things in the near future. Key Club Sponsor, Kandice San Miguel said, “This year we are partnering with a rescue group called Cane Rosso Pet Rescue and we are trying to help them as much as we can. We will be making dog toys, sending them pet food, and raising money to donate to them as well.”