Teachers Ready for Summer Break


Summer is just around the corner. A time for vacationing and relaxation and for students to hang out with their friends without much thought or stress about school. Not having to worry about dress code or keeping their ID on or even worrying about keeping all your exemptions. No stress for students to even find loopholes to get themselves out of trouble.

For teachers, it’s a different story.

“I’m looking forward to spending time with my kids. We play a lot of sports together. I get a chance to actually read mystery books which I really love. And really just stress. I don’t have any stress in the summer. I have time to clean my house and have time to do everything I really want to do.” Freshman biology and AP biology teacher, Ms. Rebecca Wheatley said.

Along with Ms. Wheatley, football coach Ryan Rutledge is also ready to spend time with his family as well. The football coach also mentioned how this year was special to him.

“I have been working here for 4 years, so this graduating class will be the first class I have been with since the beginning. It’s like we’ve started together,” Rutledge said.

AP Economics and AP European History teacher, Brandon Austin also shared a really good year.

“First of all, getting four state medals in Aca Dec that was good. I think one of my favorite things that was great was that my first semester economics kids showed up to the AP test on time. You know not seeing them for a semester, trying to track them down playing the hiding game. That alone was a major victory,” Mr. Austin said.

He also celebrated the accomplishment of getting a Micro economics class after 10 years of trying.

“I don’t even like to hear the word school over the summer. In fact, on July 4th or right around there every year I sit on my front porch and think ‘do I still have a job?’ and if I come up with the answer ‘yes’ it’s the last time I think about school again for another month. And that’s what makes summer great!” Mr. Austin said when describing what he looks forward to every summer.

For Anatomy teacher, Ms. Shrock it’s a different story.

“I’m supposed to be teaching all Anatomy courses next year, so I’ll be revamping the course and making it more interactive and a lot more labs and stuff like that. So, just more planning…I don’t have much of a life,” Ms. Shrock said. Like Ms. Wheatley and Coach Rutledge, however, Ms. Shrock looks forward to the time she gets to spend with her children.