A Fresh Start for Freshmen


Osaivbie Uhunmwuangho, ENN Staff

A typical first day of school for a freshman might go something like this: wake up early in time to catch the bus, get ready by putting on a first-day-of-school outfit, and lastly, arrive at the large building that is known to be a very important milestone in education.

High school. Those two words combined can generate a fear for someone who has yet to begin the journey. In media outlets such as movies and television, high school is portrayed to be a place where cliques and popular students are superior to others. With this in mind, many students transitioning from middle school to high school have a mindset focused on the difficulties high school may give them throughout the 4 years. However, they soon realize high school is just a building that is filled with students and teachers who are ready for education.

In middle school, teachers typically try to prepare students for the work that is to come once they join high school. Freshman, Jerell Ngwanah, says that Lake Ridge is not much different than the previous middle school he attended and that he was already familiar with some of the students in the freshman class. However, the work is more difficult.

“Something I was most nervous for in high school was the work because I thought it was going to be hard. High school is bigger and you have to work harder. My first impression of Lake Ridge, I’d say, was alright because it was like my other school and I already knew everyone,” said Ngwanah.

The newcomers of high school usually arrive with a timid personally and are wary of their surroundings and environment. Freshman, Thomas Le, says he was tense about the people who are in grade levels above him giving him certain looks because he is considered “fresh-meat.” Le would like to get to know more people during his time at Lake Ridge.

“I was nervous about the people because they are taller than me and they stare. My first impression of Lake Ridge was that it was really big and there is a lot of walking. High school is harder than middle school and it has more hard working. My goal for high school is to pass and make new friends,” said Le.

Freshman, Jenna Nguyen, says the element of Lake Ridge that particularly caught her eye was its size. Lake Ridge is three stories high and requires a lot of walking and stair climbing. Nguyen also says that she wants to do exceptionally well during her high school career.

“I was scared of getting lost and having no friends. My first impression was, ‘Wow, this is big!’. [High school] is like a maze. I don’t find anything different but it’s just really large. My goal is just to get good grades above usual and I want to join Key Club and I am in choir,” said Nguyen.

According to the school review site, Niche.com, Lake Ridge is number 111 out of 1, 717 for high school sports in Texas, and number 205 out of 1,298 for college prep in Texas for public schools. Freshman, Noah Nurse, says that Lake Ridge is a school that pays attention to hard work in scholars and athletics and he would like to have achievements made here.

“High school feels kind of like a fresh start. My first impression was that it had an emphasis on sports and there is also an equal emphasis on academics, all the classes were spread out, and it was positive. The work increased a lot. I have, technically, eight classes still, but at the same time the work has gotten harder. My goal in high school is to maintain an ‘A’ all year in all classes,” said Nurse.

Whether or not your first impression of Lake Ridge is a positive or negative one, one can agree that high school is not a place where students sing their heart out on cafeteria tables, but is where students can plan out their future with some freedom.