Is Christmas Being Celebrated Too Early?


Courtesy of Google Images

As the Christmas season is slowly approaching, some are wondering when it’s appropriate to start celebrating it.

Lilianne Asokwah, ENN Staff

The weather starts changing, something in the air changes, and joy surrounds everyone. It’s Christmas season…or is it? As November hits, people start making decisions about when they want to start celebrating one of the most popular holidays. While some decide to wait until December, others have already started. 

For many, starting to celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving is a bit unusual. In typical American fashion, Christmas is celebrated sometime after Thanksgiving, but companies are already setting up their Christmas aisles now, the 3rd week of November. Sophomore, Ella Westerholm, has already started seeing decorations in stores and on social media.

“I walked into Kroger and it was like in the beginning of November, right after Halloween everybody started putting Christmas decorations and lights, and in Kroger there were Christmas candies and clothes. Also on TikTok, everyone is ready for Christmas,” said Westerholm.

Senior, Madison Peterson, is also already seeing Christmas items in store, and doesn’t think it’s necessary to put them up so early.

“In all the stores I see ornaments and Christmas trees already for sale. I think it’s too early because I don’t think you should be celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving,” stated Peterson.

With Thanksgiving being only the month before, knowing when it’s appropriate to celebrate Christmas can be conflicting depending on who you ask. Sophomore, Jovie Harper, doesn’t mind Christmas being celebrated so early. 

“I think it’s okay to put up your Christmas tree and stuff, as long as you’re still giving thanks on Thanksgiving and you’re still traditionally doing Thanksgiving things. You really can’t decorate for Thanksgiving other than Fall things, so I think putting up Christmas lights isn’t too bad but only on December 1st,” said Harper. 

As time throughout the season passes by and gets closer to Christmas day, some may wonder what happened to those who celebrate Christmas early. Are they still in that same energetic spirit? Senior, Madison Peterson, thinks that once Christmas actually hits, those who celebrate early will be bored of it.

“I know some people are already buying ornaments and some people just continue to buy them throughout the rest of the year. Christmas gets a little tiring because you have already been celebrating it for a month, and when it comes to it you’re like ‘we’re still celebrating it?’” said Peterson. 

Companies have already set up their Christmas aisels and products, some even as early as November. This could be because of a variety of reasons including money or to bring Christmas joy. Harper thinks that they do this in order to help people shop better for the holiday. 

“I think companies promote Christmas too early, to get people to buy things early while everything is still on sale. They have before Christmas sale and they’re during Christmas prices, and they’re after Christmas sale. So it’s kinda telling people that this Christmas will be more expensive than the last one, so I think it helps people plan better and not last minute shop,” stated Harper.

Westerholm believes that it’s a good way for companies to promote their items and business early. 

“It’s a good selling point. Christmas is very popular to a lot of people and it’s very appealing to them, so it’s good for business,” stated Westerholm.

The joy that Christmas brings is noted in many Christmas songs and traditions. This joy can influence people to start celebrating early, especially if they’re going through a tough time. Harper loves Christmas because of the happiness it brings her.

“It does make me happy because school and everything else is so emotionally draining and then you think of Christmas and it makes you so happy. Christmas songs, the joy, the laughter, the cheer!” said Harper. 

Although deciding when the appropriate time to celebrate Christmas can differ from person to person, at the end of the day, most people can come together and celebrate on the 25th.