Cheer vs. Drill

5-6-7-8! The cheer team and drill team have a wide array of things in common and both get to cheer on Lake Ridge. While the cheer team excites the student section during games, the drill team entertains the audience during halftime. 

Both activities have a tryout that is required to be a part of the team. Cheer team requirements include tumbling, and memory of a dance and chant. As for drill, they learn a dance which includes different advanced tricks, a kick section, and an improv section. Although both are very competitive tryouts, junior and drill team member, Renajah Tyus, feels she would be more comfortable trying out for the cheer team.

“I think cheer is easier because with the drill team you have to be very flexible and cheer you have to do a chant and flips which doesn’t seem that hard,” said Tyus.

Sophomore and Drill team member, Cecelia Roberts enjoys the drill team tryout process.

”I love the drill team tryout process since it’s something I grew up on so, it’s not very new to me although tryouts are intimidating,” said Roberts.

Outfits vary for different occasions., For example, the drill team alternates uniforms every game, going from a green vest to black overlays., The cheer team matches the football boys, so whichever color they wear is what color they go with. However, the drill team wears a different outfit for basketball games and performances. Sophomore, Ta‘niyah Kearney, admires both drill team and cheer teams outfits.

“I really like drill teams’ uniforms when they wear their hats and boots. It’s very cute with the sparkly outfits to match, but cheer skirts are also really cute so I guess I can say I like them both,” said Kearney.

The performances play a big part at school events and are the main source of entertainment for some. Drill team performs for pep rallies, basketball games, some volleyball games, and football games, whereas cheer does all of them. The main excitement comes from pep rallies where drill and cheer do a dance. The crowd goes loud for both teams. Senior, Anna Delano, enjoys watching drill teams performances during pep rallies.

“I love getting to watch the drill team dance during pep rallies, because their dances always seem to match the pep rallies theme and always gets the crowd hyped,” said Delano.