Seniors Earn A Dub At The Puff

Set hut! The senior class earned a victory at the first ever powderpuff football game in Lake Ridge history. The seniors competed against the juniors while the sophomores took on the freshmen. The game was a way for everyone who wanted to participate to enjoy and get away from school work and stress. Senior, Zainab Odunewu planned the event as a way for everyone to show their athletic skills and block out school for a few hours.

“So we wanted to plan this event just as a way for the seniors and all participants to get together and have fun for their senior year and we think it was nice to do something that involved sports  to get them moving around and away from school since it can be stressful,” said Odunewu 

The game was coached by students who volunteered and the coaches took the opportunity to show off their skills while overcoming the difficulties of communicating the game. The coaches found this easy for them and the only hard part of the game was getting the girls to listen. With this being the first time Lake Ridge has ever done something like this and the school seemed to really like it. Senior, Jeffrey Cotton enjoyed coaching and his senior classes success.

“I really liked the winning aspect and kind of getting to control everything, everything just ran smoothly when i was in control,” said Cotton

However some really enjoyed participating in the game even with the event eing intensely competitive, the senior class wanted to win the game being that it was their last year at Lake Ridge, senior Avery Saldivar felt the most challenging part was keeping up with the juniors.

“The hardest part of the game was keeping up our guard against the juniors because some of them are really fast,” said Saldivar

The senior class got what they hoped for and worked together to win the game. Saldivar really enjoyed her classes dedication to win.

“My favorite part about playing in the powderpuff football game was the teamwork aspect of the game and having to communicate with one another to get the job done,” said Saldivar

The game wasn’t just for people who played but it was open for anyone to come and support. The fans got to sit in the bleachers and cheer on their class. The players gave their fans an interesting game to watch. While some even had predictions on who they thought was going to win. Sophomore, Cecelia Roberts had fun getting to experience the exciting moments. 

“I think what really got my attention was maybe either conflict or when the seniors won because it was very loud and you just kind of knew something was happening when it got loud,” said Roberts.

The senior class hopes this isn’t the last powderpuff football game at Lake Ridge and hope the future classes keep this as a new tradition at Lake Ridge.