“Which Twin Are You?”


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There are many students with siblings in high school. Some students are twins and share classes and teachers, while others will have an older or younger sibling who may have the same teacher during different years. Some siblings also have mutual friends. Having siblings in high school comes with both advantages and disadvantages. 

Some twins like to pull pranks on their friends and confuse them in different ways. Sophomore, Danielle Boakye explains how she and her sister, Sophomore, Gabrielle Boyake, prank their mutual friends.

“When you are twins you play pranks and all that and it’s fun. Basically, we just pretend we are the other one and I say ‘Oh, I’m Gaby,’ and my sister says ‘Oh, I’m Dany.’ And we just pretend to be each other the whole day until someone realizes  ‘Oh, when did you two switch?’ We do it all of the time and my friends react by saying ‘Wait I know you’re pranking me,’ or something like that, and sometimes they have to come up to me and grab my lanyard and have to look at it,” said Danielle Boakye.

There can be some perks to going to school with a sibling. One of these pluses is being able to talk to a sibling when bored. Sophomore, Keira Korfe explains some benefits that she has of going to high school with her twin.

“To go to school with my sibling it’s always having a friend that will never leave because basically having a twin or a sibling is just someone you live with and someone there all the time. If you’re lonely or something you can just talk to your sibling because they are always there at school,” said Korfe.

While there are some gains to having a sibling, there are also disadvantages that come with siblings. Some drawbacks consist of sharing and extra expenses. Gabrielle Boakye expresses some problems that she faces having a sibling in high school.

“You have to pay double for everything. I remember that there was this choir banquet and it was twenty-five dollars for one person. And just for two of us to go it would be fifty dollars and you could bring an extra person and it would be another twenty-five dollars to go. Another flaw would be that you have to share a lot of stuff. I have to share rooms with her, I have to share clothes with her, and I have to share my supplies with her,” said Gabrielle Boakye.

Having a sibling in the same class provided benefits. Such as being able to help each other with homework or understanding concepts. Sophomore, Keira Korfe, explains how she and her twin help each other with homework.

“Having a twin has made high school for me a little easier because we both have the same classes as well. But I do know some twins that don’t have the same classes and it’s definitely much harder for them when it comes to struggling with learning something. Sometimes we’ll split work but if we’re helping with learning something then we’ll teach it to the other person, we’ll write it on paper for each other, or we’ll verbally tell them how to do it,” said Korfe.

Many twins get reactions from their teachers when they find out that they have a twin. This even includes teachers thinking they had their students in both their classes. Gabrielle Boyake explains how some of her teachers react to her having a twin. 

“When we have the same teachers they sometimes mix us up, like in my choir class we have assigned seats. But whenever she is trying to call one of us she just calls us ‘Gaby, Dany,’ or ‘Dany, Gaby,’ and she calls us our names because she doesn’t know which is which. I remember at the beginning of the year I was in history class and I have that class right after her. So every single day she’d see me twice, not really twice but my sister and she’d be like ‘Didn’t I just have you in my class?’ and I’m like ‘Oh no that’s my twin,’ and they’d be so shocked like ‘You have a twin? Oh my gosh,’ and it’s really funny,” said Gabrielle Boyake. 

Going to school with siblings brings many different experiences to students. Some students help each other with homework, interact with each other in the hall, and pull pranks on their friends. There are also both advantages and disadvantages to having a sibling in high school. Some of these include being able to talk about events occurring, paying double for events, and sharing classes with each other.