Lake Ridge Track/Field Prepares to Jump to State


Courtesy of George Olsen

Senior, Patrick Johnosn Jumping hurdles

Track and field requires many rigorous hours of practice and during this process you may break records while trying to reach the number one spot. But for some Lake Ridge track athletes, it is only a matter of trying to get faster and stronger.

“One of the key components of being a good jumper is you have to have speed,” Coach Wisenhunt, head jumping coach, explains.

With four Eagle athletes being ranked in the state, Wisenhunt explained, “The sky is the limit for several of them.”

Putting in the work will hopefully come with outstanding results. Being ranked 11th in the state for long jumper, Josh Jordon, 12, “has not really hit me yet. I just go out there and jump and try to do my best.”

Preparing for meets is the biggest part of training for these competitors. Jordan explained, “It’s all about working on the landing and technique into the pit and just running.”

But everyone has different goals they want to reach. Jasmine Moore, 9, ranked 3rd in long jump, bases her practice “on a lot of repetition and practicing the same stuff over and over again.”

Making it to the state championships comes with hard work. Jimmy Enobabar, 12, knows exactly how this feels after making it to the State Championships last year.

“It was a wonderful experience to just be there in Austin,” Enobabar said.

Even with his success last year, he still puts in complete effort and being the top in state keeps him “focused and motivated.”

While some are more experienced, others such as Valencia Bullock, 11, started triple jump last year.

“At practice we do a lot of fundamental drills over second phase,” according to Bullock.

Bullock being ranked 5th in state comes with excitement. “I am doing the best I can to make it to state this year.”